Andy Hilfiger has been blurring the lines between music and fashion for decades, spending as much time on a tour bus as in a fashion showroom. His passion for merging the two has given Andy the unique opportunity to style and create brands for some of the world's biggest stars.

At 12 years old, Andy started his first job selling jeans at his older brother Tommy’s store in Elmira, New York. At the same time, he picked up a bass and discovered music, eventually moving to New York City to perform in the downtown rock scene. Since then, he has performed with greats such as ZZ Top, Steven Tyler, Cheap Trick, Marky Ramone, Kid Rock, and members of Blue Oyster Cult. Andy currently plays with his band SWAY.

In the 90s, Andy was instrumental in introducing the Tommy Hilfiger brand to pop-culture. He was responsible for product placement that made the brand ubiquitous with the latest trends in music and fashion. Andy placed product on everyone from Wu-Tang and Grand Puba, to Puffy and Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip and many more. He placed celebrities and musicians in the company's ad campaigns, including the iconic Aaliyah Tommy Jeans photoshoot. He also helped the company to sponsor groundbreaking events and concerts. By the time Andy left the Hilfiger brand in 2001, he had helped grow the company from an 100 million dollar business to a one billion dollar business.

After his departure, Andy pushed the marriage of music and fashion a step further when he founded the fashion and fragrance line JLO by Jennifer Lopez. In 2009, Andy Hilfiger, along with his brother, Tommy, founded Star Branding; a company devoted to the development of music, entertainment, and celebrity driven lifestyle brands. Their projects included the creation and development of the Nicki Minaj fashion line, the Adam Levine line, and his own namesake line, Andrew Charles by Andy Hilfiger. Andy’s most recent ventures include co-founding the La La Anthony Collection and acting as Creative Director of Artistix Fashion.

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